What is the order process for custom orders?

  1. CONSULTATION - If you are close to Beacon, NY, I recommend that you make an appointment with me to see swatches and invitation styles in person. If that doesn't work for you, we can either communicate via email or speak over the phone. Swatches can be mailed and you can view some of my past works from this website or on my facebook page.

  2. DESIGN BOARD - Based on my notes from our consultation, I'll create an illustration depicting all the materials that you picked out. I draw these to help you visualize what your ensemble will look like before printing because swatches alone don't paint the whole picture. This also ensures that we are both on the same page as far as the materials go.

  3. ESTIMATE - If everything looks in order, I will send you an estimate for the whole project including any special printing and services you are interested in. I'll send you suggestions regarding how we can lower your costs without compromising the integrity of the original design too much.

  4. DEPOSIT & CONTRACT - When you are happy with the final number, a 50% deposit will be requested and a contract outlining the details of the entire process will be emailed to you. The deposit AND signed contract, both, are required before any materials can be ordered and the design process can begin. The deposit amount is non-refundable.

  5. DESIGNS - This is the fun part! Together, we'll work on the layouts of each piece of your ensemble. How quickly we get this done really depends on how quickly we work together and my workload at the time. Please feel free to describe or email anything that serves as an inspiration for your wedding. Typically, the design process takes at least 2 weeks. You will be sent proofs as pdf files by email only.

    • CUSTOM DESIGNS - Include up to 3 Design Concept + 3 Pproof rounds before any additional fees are incurred. Any new concept idea and/or proof after that will incur a design fee per new round.

    • PRE-DESIGNS - Include up to 3 Proof rounds before any additional fees are incurred. Any new proof after that will incur a design fee per new round.

  6. PRODUCTION - Once the final proofs are signed off on, any printing (outsourced and in-house), mounting, cutting and other assembly will begin. It will take approximately 1-2 weeks from the date we receive your final approvals to complete your order. Please allow more time for complicated designs and large orders.

  7. QUALITY CONTROL - I will examine and count each printed and assembled item before I pack everything up for you. If there are any issues, you will be notified regarding what the exact issue is and how long it will take to be resolved.

  8. BALANCE DUE & DELIVERY/PICK UP - After your project is completed and weighed, I will email you the balance due (including shipping costs) and a payment request. Shipped orders will be released once the balance is received. If your payment is received before 11am that business day, your stationery will be mailed out the same day. If your payment is received after 11am, your shipment will be mailed out the following business day. Pick up balances can be made at pick up. That's it!